Discover The Breakthroughs In Sacred Medicine That Will Create Deep Sensual Intimacy With Your Partner


By Elayne Le Monde

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The Story Behind



Designed to reveal your authentic essence and soul embodiment, Guide To Healing Intimacy teaches one to become the observer and the observed.

The process reveals the fragmented aspects of your wounds and experiences.

By neutralizing emotions of protection, you’ll learn to welcome the most vulnerable aspects of your true self, revealed only through sacred intimacy.

In your genuine states of ecstasy, your body accesses the no-mind power of regeneration. The heights of your bliss come through unification with spirit and form.

The healing balm for your restoration is accessed through deep surrender to love, inviting your sensuality, mind, emotional body, and soul to unify as a whole.

Activating the healing of your endocrine system, Oxytocin is the love hormone that is only available through your sensual surrender to relaxation offered through the gifts of love and self-awareness

Elayne Le Monde

You Deserve The Intimacy and Bond That You Crave With Your Partner.

Here Are A Few Secrets You’ll Discover…

Inside Guide to Healing Intimacy, I’ll be sharing the secrets to deep and fulfilled love and intimate bonding. Discover how to achieve bliss through practical steps you can begin doing today.

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll discover inside of my new book:

Chapter #1

Sacred Space

Create a sacred space where you will not be disturbed. Set the energy through with intentions of clarity.

Chapter #2

Cutting Cords

Our sensuality is our powerful connection to Source, and our avenue to deep regeneration of our form. Yet, when our body has received physical intrusions we need to wash it off and connect with our Higher Self.

Chapter #3

Spiritual Attachment

Our sensual energy is our life-force energy, the purest access to Source. When we have cleared the imbalances within our chakra and light body system - we awaken.

Chapter #4

Wounded Version of Self

In a healthy relationship, sensual intimacy is the avenue where a person can be free in their authentic expression.

Chapter #5

Body Worthiness

Sensual attacks are the most vulnerable attacks against one’s Soul. Our sensual wounds are traumatizing and isolating forms of abuse can drain one’s energy.

Chapter #6

Mother Healing

Though everyone would prefer to rush to the great sensual aspects of healing, until we rebuild our foundation anchored and rooted, the merry-go-round will continue.

Chapter #7

Father Healing

When we look to our outer environment, reflected back to us is a distortion of the masculine role model.

Chapter #8

Pelvic Floor Guarding

Our newly, integrated parenting program is a process to discover the healing power of our own compassion and presence.

Chapter #9

Welcoming Authenticity

Perhaps you are now aware that your life has never fully been yours to live. You have lived in a state of survival and used many defense mechanisms to attempt to control your reality.



Let me help you create a bonding experience with your partner, uniting the masculine and feminine harmony together, to create one blissful experience that will create a deeper intimacy and ectasy within.


Until It’s Raised To Full Price


Elayne Le Monde

Elayne is a seasoned practitioner of Neuro Kinesiology, L.E.A.P.

Brain Integration, Family & Divorce Mediator, and various other modalities. Utilizing holographic healing techniques, Elayne’s 20+ years of experience have assisted people worldwide to heal physical, emotional, and various inner child experiences. Inspired by her own journey, Elayne assists others to process core issues, rewrite perceptions, and face their fears through daring to touch their pain.

Harnessing the raw energy, she mentors soul integration which restores one’s purpose and potential. Elayne’s quantum approach is influenced by her multiple, near-death experiences which gifted her as a Mystic, Oracle, and Seer. Elayne is also an attuned Medicine Buddha and Reiki Master.
Founder of Empower Wholeness and the Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery, Elayne Le Monde teaches evolved states of masculine and feminine harmony through deep, relationship healing.

Integrated wholeness is discovered as one embraces and accepts both our shadows and our light. Mentoring the powers of embodiment, she rebuilds the awareness of our sacred body temple, through the Divine Blueprint.

Assisting one to discover their authentic purpose, passion, and restoration of life-force energy through personal transformation and awareness as an awakened being. Unleashing one’s authentic essence is essential for true expression. The rise of the feminine lifeforce is the avenue to our spiritual expansion, physical regeneration, and empowered wholeness. Elayne ignites the discovery of true connection and exploration, deep communion through sacred energy exchange. Teaching self-love, respect, honor, and sovereignty which accesses the hidden powers of the Hara; unveiling the mystery within..



This is my gift to all of you who want to create a deeper spiritual bond by using the Powers of Shakti and to unite the Cosmic Feminine and Masculine energy into one.

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