… a 42 section course - with new videos to be released weekly, that takes you from addressing your sensual wounds and authentic essence - to becoming the observer and the observed of your body.

The Process Reveals The Fragmented Aspects Of Your Sensual Wounds And Experiences.

By neutralizing emotions of protection, you’ll learn to welcome the most vulnerable aspects of your true self, revealed only through sacred intimacy.

In your genuine states of ecstasy, your body accesses the no-mind power of regeneration. The heights of your bliss come through unification with spirit and form.

The healing balm for your restoration is accessed through deep surrender to love, inviting your sensuality, mind, emotional body, and soul to unify as a whole.

Activating the healing of your endocrine system, Oxytocin is the love hormone that is only available through your sensual surrender to relaxation offered through the gifts of love and self-awareness.

Healing Intimacy Is A Course Designed To Bring

The Slivers Of Your Suffering, Repression, And Sorrow Around Your Sensuality To The Forefront.

Holographic techniques are used to compassionately witness,

neutralize and forgive yourself.

Healing Intimacy Is A 42 Section Course - With New Videos To Be Released Weekly, Course Designed

To Trigger Your Deepest Memories And Neutralize

The Unconscious War Within.. a spiritually centered being, the invitation of wholeness

awaits your passionate, sensual unveiling.

The Sensual Superfood For Physical Restoration

Discover the ancient wisdom encoded within your physical form. Through the unified

power of Shakti/Shiva, your life-force energy creates increased vitality and restoration within your body temple.

(Value $111)

Enhancing Intimacy in Your Relationship

Activate the release of the hormone called Oxytocin through creating love in your

intimate sensual exchanges. Oxytocin is the love hormone that stimulates deep,

intimate bonding and feelings of protection through the sacred union within.

(Value $111)

Elevate Your Sensual Consciousness and Experience Greater Intimacy and Pleasure

Learn to become the observer of sensual patterns in order to consciously shift your

focus towards your true desires. Discover the power of healthy sensual exchange.

(Value $111)

Enhance Your Sensual Pleasure

Access your powers of co-creation with Pure Source, arousing the dormant

energies within. Your tools of manifestation are unveiled through a no-mind state.

(Value $111)

Break the Cycle of Co-Dependence and Achieve Emotional Freedom

Rewrite co-dependency patterns and programs in order to claim your personal

sovereignty. Experience liberation within your most sacred connection.

(Value $111)

Heal Your Sensual Wounds and Find Freedom in Intimacy

Unveil the sensual wounds that keep you in the loop of old stories, thought-processes,

patterns, and responses. Recognize unconscious sensual behaviors through bringing issues to your awareness.

(Value $111)

Discover the Power of Healing Your Core Wounds for a More Fulfilling Life

Discover the patterns of unworthiness that interfere with your authentic sensual

expression. Clear the distortions and harness the raw energy of your pain.

(Value $111)

Healing Humanity’s Core Wound

Witness the outdated programs in humanity’s core wound of unworthiness. Access the powers to rewrite the narrative of separation from Source.

(Value $111)

Become the Co-Creator

Become the co-creatrix with Source through focusing your intentions.

Presence is your superpower, the access to your Soul’s design.

(Value $111)

Reset Your Touch Receptor

Relearn touch patterns and programs, allowing sensations to guide your discovery.

Restore the neuro-pathways of regeneration through resetting your touch receptors.

(Value $111)

Find Your Sensual Worth and Rediscover Your Relationship

Release the beliefs of powerlessness and bring awareness to your unconscious

sensual behavior. Integrate the fragments of your old stories of unworthiness.

(Value $111)

Transcend Your Suffering by Revealing the Secrets Interfering with Self-Forgiveness

Reveal the secret that interferes with your self forgiveness. Become the observer and

the observed in order to transcend the raw energy of your suffering.

(Value $111)

Access Sensual Transformation Through the Power of Facing and Accepting Your Past

Access sensual transformation by lovingly accepting shame, guilt, and fear programs of

your past. Facing your greatest fear activates the fires of purification.

(Value $111)

Experience Greater Sensual Fulfillment and Personal Empowerment

Honor the amplifier energy of your senses. Become responsible for the focused

energy created through your sensual release.

(Value $111)

Manifest Your Desires and Enhance Your Relationship

Learn to use your sacred sensual exchanges to focus on your manifestation through

co-creation. Harness the raw energy accessed through your true intimacy.

(Value $111)

Heal Your Inner Child and Achieve Wholeness

Integrate the scattered and fragmented aspects of your inner child. Merge your

wounds into wholeness. Use physical movement techniques by Brain Gym (founded by Paul and Gail Dennison)

(Value $111)

Experience Emotional Harmony and Heal Traumatic Experiences

Utilize the meridian channels of Emotional Freedom Technique for emotional harmony.

This healing tool restores balance around traumatic experiences (EFT is founded by Gary Craig).

(Value $111)

Heal Your Belief Systems

Recognize family patterns that cross personal boundaries. Heal your belief

systems influenced by inappropriate projections, touch, and sensual intrusions.

(Value $111)

Heal Traumatic Experiences and Achieve Personal Growth

Learn how to re-write your memories through imagination. Lucid dreaming is a process

designed to breakthrough distortions. Your imagination has the power to heal

through feeling a desired emotion to rewrite traumatic experiences.

(Value $111)

Heal Traumatized Aspects of Yourself and Integrate Your Inner Child

Witness your pain in order to integrate and re-parent the traumatized aspects of self. Through merging the inner child safely through your heart, deep healing occurs.

(Value $111)

Break Free from No-Win Situations and Co-Dependent Entanglements

Discover the archetypes, patterns, and programs that have embedded mind-loops and co-dependent entanglements. Stop your participation in no-win situations.

(Value $111)

Nurture and Restore Your Inner Child by Learning to Trust the Maternal Feminine Within

Teach your inner child to trust the feminine adult within to gift nurturing and

restoration. Unveil the powers of maternal trust as you re-mother your inner child.

(Value $111)

Heal Father Imbalances and Discover Your Inner Masculine Strength

Become the masculine presence to heal the father imbalances of your childhood.

Discover the true strength of stillness as an inner witness to unresolved issues around masculine authority and sensuality.

(Value $111)

Liberate Your Authentic Essence and Heal Family Drama

Heal the belief systems acquired from siblings that acted out drama with you. Find

your authentic essence liberated from your siblings' reflection.

(Value $111)

Recognize The Deep Rooted Sensual Addictions

Recognize your sensual addictions and the consequences of their interference to true

intimacy. Train yourself to receive sensual stimuli which welcomes a heart and hara


(Value $111)

Overcome Sensual Addictions for Greater Intimacy and Connection

Utilize the healing techniques to witness and transcend your sensual addictions. Train

your body, mind, and Soul to unify through deeper levels of intimacy.

(Value $111)

Discover Acceptance of Your Personal Journey

Accept total responsibility for your reality. Ancient Hawaiian practices teach you to

heal all experiences by acceptance.

(Value $111)

Recycle Your Sensual Energy

Re-write the patterns of your releases through conscious body awareness. Learn to

recycle your sensual energy for body restoration.

(Value $111)

Reclaim Your Authentic Essence and Restore Your Innocence

Return to your innate, authentic essence by embracing the path of your Soul.

Anchor and ground the eternal consciousness into your body and physical reality, and restore the innocence of your Soul’s experience.

(Value $111)

Integrate Your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy for Harmonic Balance

Includes 13 additional videos that dive deeply into harmonic integration and restoration of your body, mind, and soul.

(Value $1,225)

BONUS: Mini healing at the end of each relevant session in order to re-write the thought forms, shift the emotional triggers, and bring harmony to your situation.

The depth of this healing course is equivalent to paying 5 figures in professional therapy costs, with years of investment into the healing process. Take advantage of this online opportunity to do your own healing in the privacy of your own home.

In This Special One-Time Promo Bundle

The Healing Intimacy Course Is Designed to Bring Awareness to Your Unconscious Patterns and Break Through the Repetitive Cycles

The Healing Intimacy is a course designed to bring the slivers of your suffering, repression, and sorrow around your sensuality to the forefront. Holographic techniques are used to compassionately witness, neutralize, and forgive yourself.

  • Learn to become the guardian of your body through listening to your inner truth.

  • Learn To fully embrace your heightened ability to receive pleasure, the course encourages personal vulnerability and true intimacy.

  • Regenerate the connection of your heart and hara, clear and cleanse your lower chakras, and arouse your unique gifts.

Every session walks one through a deeper awareness of one's behavior, invokes awareness and personal responsibility, and allows one to re-write their unconscious actions to alignment with the true powers of our sensual exchange.

No Thanks, I Prefer Pass Up This One-Time-Promo and To Stay Within My Old Ways. If I Change My Mind In The Future I Agree To Pay The Full Price of $9,008 For The Same Content


I could never say thank you enough for your tender guidance and persistence on my behalf. I offer my deepest appreciation for never giving up on me.

Our consistent work together got me to the core of my issues. The guidance you offered me was spot on; never forced, you just allowed it to flow through your powerful abilities. I will continue working with you on my healing journey for as long as it takes to fully embody my true essence. Your work is by far the hardest thing that I have ever done. Yet, I would repeat this sacred process again in a heart-beat. My investment in your work has been worth every penny, as well as worth all of the effort. It was a long journey and a lot of internal self-reflection. Results are I have never felt so amazing. My love life is beautiful, I now have a healthy relationship with the love of my life.

My business is thriving. All relationship in my life are healed and whole. My friends and clients see a huge difference in me. Now that I am where I have always desired to Be in my life. I attribute this to our work together, Elayne. I highly recommend Elayne and her courses to anybody on the path of harmony balance; in order to heal and manifest neutrality in the Sacred Divine Feminine/Masculine quest.


The work you did with my husband has changed our 16 year slump in our intimacy. I can’t thank you enough Elayne for assisting him to move beyond his heart barriers. He’s opened up to experiencing our best connection between us ever. We love you Elayne


The techniques, tools, and methods Elayne has taught me opened a new perception around building a compassionate, healing relationship with not only myself, but also my partner. Thank you for your guidance around true sacred relationships. Your awareness has aroused a whole new level of perception.


Thanks to your dedication and hard work, I no longer drink alcohol in order to repress the hurt, anger, and pain that was tied up in my body. Before I started working with you I was an angry, wounded, and very needy. Now, I am strong and confident in myself. I have learned to heal my behaviors in order to have the deep relationship I have always yearned for. Life is beautiful now and I have the relationship of my dreams

Your Healing Journey Begins Today

Awaken Your True Sensual Potential

of The Feminine Power of Shakti

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